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Midnight Driving
           In Seoul 

In Korea, there exists an urban legend that late at night, the statue of Admiral Yi Sun-sin installed at schools comes to life and moves. Inspired by this folklore, a narrative was crafted where the statue of Yi Sun-sin in Jongno, Seoul, is depicted as overcoming villains. This project was meticulously designed with a focus on dynamic camera angles and precise editing, aiming to create an engaging visual experience.

한국에는 도시전설이 있다. 늦은 밤이 되면 학교에 설치되어있는 이순신 장군동상이 살아 움직인다는 것이다. 이 이야기를 바탕으로 서울 종로에 있는 이순신동상이 악당을 물리치는 이야기를 만들었다. 이 작품은 다이나믹한 카메라 앵글과 컷 연출을 집중해서 만들었다.

Yumi's Cells 
Tving Drama Serise 2021


Based on eponymous webtoon,

it is a cell-based psychological romance that unravels the daily life of an ordinary office worker Yumi through the eyes of the cells in her head.

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Password: yursj

Holiday Advertisment 2021

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Password: yursj2

A story that delivers a warm message of hope to everyone struggling through a pandemic

that has lasted longer than

anyone expected               

from Samsung News room

Personal Project


The Babysitter 2022

I always play hide-and-seek on nights when I have to take care of sisters children
I always cover myself up with a blanket and become a monster, and my nephews always hide where they are quickly found. For example, under the blanket on the bed, behind the curtains, and so on. I made a board of stories about ordinary nights spent with the kids.



Comaway 2022
Independent Short Animation project 
Story by Tyler Fruge

A young boy, who is not protected by his parents, follows the mysterious voice of a fairy who visited him and leaves deep in the cornfield.



Guesture Drawings


Thank You !

Yuri Jang
+82 10-2874-1256

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