Thread is a 2D traditionally animated short film inspired by the true stories of the“comfort women” who were forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese government during WWII. It centers on a former comfort woman who must overcome her past trauma in order to
find her voice. This film is my MFA thesis project for USC’s Hench DADA program. 
Thread follows a single character, known only as “the Girl,” from her youth in the 1930s Korean countryside to her life as an elderly woman in 1990s South Korea. While playing a game of Korean jacks as a pre-teen, the Girl is abducted by a Japanese officer and forced into sexual slavery as a “comfort woman” for Japanese soldiers during WWII. Although she survives this terrible ordeal, the experiences inflicts scars, both visible and invisible, that remain with her throughout her adult life. However, when the Girl hears the Japanese government deny the legitimacy of the comfort women, she is motivated to act. Strengthened by the support of others who believe her story, the Girl is able to overcome her pain to finally share her story.



Color Script

Comfort Station
Test Shot
Back in Korea

Character Design